• Survey: What kind of borders do you want for the future of Europe?

    From 13 – 22 April 2021, several online workshops and a round table with politicians and experts took place within the framework of the TEIN4Citizens project (more information here) and the citizens’ dialogue of the Strasbourg-Ortenau Eurodistrict.

    During this event, the topics of identity & multilingualism, culture, mobility and environment were discussed and proposals were elaborated that will be included in a final report.

    In order to give even more citizens, also beyond the Eurodistrict area and the Upper Rhine a voice within the project, and thus to make your voice heard, we now cordially invite you to participate in the following survey.

    This survey summarises the proposals mentioned in the workshops and asks for your opinion! So, if you participated in the events, you can comment again or add your own perspective if you did not participate!

    Every vote counts, for the future of our region and the future of Europe!

    For now, only English, German and French are available. Other translations are coming soon (Polish, Czech, Slovene, Spanish and Catalan)!

    Click here to go to the survey: https://sphinxdeclic.com/d/s/3gy4ok