• Castle Talks – Conflicts and cooperation at EU Borders

    The Jean Monnet project « Conflicts and cooperation at EU borders » aims at allowing an exchange of experiences as well as triggering a debate about the role of borders in the light of the European integration process and transnational cooperation. Piloted by Birte Wassenberg, professor of contemporary history at the Institute for political sciences (IEP) in Strasbourg, this project examines the dialectic function of borders that is their separation as well as linking function.

    Do borders come back and if so, do they challenge the European project of unification? Are cross-border regions a model for European cooperation or rather places of conflict and confrontation?  Which border disputes exist in the EU and how can they be solved? In order to answer these questions, a cycle of four interdisciplinary conferences brings together researchers, postgraduates, European and international students as well as actors of cross-border cooperation and representatives of different European organisations to carry out a comparative analyse of the conflicts and the cooperation in eight cross-border regions in Europe: the Upper Rhin region, the Mont Blanc area, the Channel area and the Eurometropolis Lille, the Euroregion Pro Europa Viadrina, the border region between Ireland and Northern Ireland, the Catalan space, Cieszyn region  as well as the border between Slovenia, Austria and Italy.

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