• General Information

    The Transfrontier Operational Mission (MOT) is an association set up in 1997 by the French government. Supported at French national level[1], it is also a network of players in border territories: regions, provinces, municipalities, groupings of local authorities and territorial authorities, cross-border structures, governments, public enterprises, chambers of commerce and industry, federations, networks, urban planning agencies, etc. This positioning facilitates structured dialogue between national and European authorities and local and regional players.

    The MOT is also a technical team at the service of its members. Its role is to assist project developers, to promote the interests of cross-border territories and to facilitate the networking of players and the sharing of experiences. It acts as the interface between the different stakeholders in order to find cross-border solutions at the right levels.

    Legal form

    Assocation French law (loi 1901)


    Jean Peyrony, Director general


    38 rue des Bourdonnais, 75001 Paris


  • Role of the institution regarding cross-border issues

    Its activities are divided into three main categories:

    Technical engineering at the service of (cross-)border territories: the MOT provides assistance to territorial authorities, government departments and other practitioners involved in cross-border cooperation through studies and expert missions. The MOT carries out projects on France’s and European borders in order to provide technical assistance to cross-border players involved in cooperation.

    A resource center and a networking platform: the MOT coordinates a network that brings together practitioners and institutional players involved in cross-border cooperation in a multilevel approach: project developers, territorial authorities, government departments, European programmes, etc. Since it was set up, the MOT has built up a unique body of resources on cross-border cooperation.

    Taking account of cross-border issues: the MOT communicates the needs of its members to the authorities concerned at national level. If necessary, it draws up proposals for legislative and regulatory changes. The incorporation of cross-border issues into European policies is also a crucial matter for cross-border territories. The MOT defends the interests of its members at European level through numerous actions and partnerships.

  • References regarding cross-border issues


    • Webinar « Which opportunities for the development of cross-border public services between France and its neighboring countries? », programme ESPON/MOT, 21 November 2019
    • Training/information day « Cross-border mobility – French-Belgian regard », 13 November 2019, in Lille (France)

    • Training « Place and stakes of local authorities in Europe », 23 May 2019, in Strasbourg (France), CNFPT/MOT

    Research / Applied research

    • Exchanges with the research networks BRIT (Border Regions in transitions), BIG (Borders in Globalization), ABS (Association for Borderlands Studies) etc.
    • Participation in the publication of a “Critical dictionary on borders and European integration”
    • The Jean Monnet Frontem network « Borders on the move » (2019) aims at a critical reading of the model of Europe without borders. Its aim is to create a multidisciplinary and international research pole crossing two hitherto little connected fields of research: European Studies and Border Studies.
    • The Jean Monnet EU-Front project « Conflicts and cooperation in EU border regions » (2016) aims to exchange experiences and debate the role of the border in the process of European integration and cross-border cooperation.

    Consulting / Studies

    • Analysis of the contributions of cross-border cooperation in the South Region – Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, June 2019 – in progress, Study on behalf of the South Region – Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, in the framework of the Europ’Act Programme
    • Strategic plan for the development of the cross-border territory of the French-Belgian Ardennes, 2019 – in progress, Study for the Ardennes Métropole Conurbation Community
    • Elaboration of the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolitan Area Cross-Border Cooperation Plan (Schéma de Coopération Transfrontalière – SCT), 2018 – 2019, Accompanying the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolitan Area

    • Inventory of cross-border investment and economic development projects: needs, obstacles, tools, November 2018 – June 2019, Study for the European Investment Bank (EIB)


    • EWRC – MOT Workshop “No country is an island: joint cross-border strategies for a successful energy transition”, 8 October 2019, in Brussels
    • Conference on “Cross-border investment”, 20-21 March in Annemasse (France) and Geneva (Switzerland)

    • Conference “Building cross-border territories: Europe for citizens”, 30 November – 1 December 2017 in Brussels, at the occasion of the MOT 20th anniversary

    Publications / Conference papers

    • MOT Guides No.10 “The energy transition and cross-border cooperation”, January 2019
    • Brochure published in the wake of the Aachen Treaty: « France-Germany: cross-border observation at the heart of Europe », January 2019

    • 20th anniversary brochure: « Cross-border territories: Europe’s laboratory », November 2017

    You find the MOT publications here: http://www.espaces-transfrontaliers.org/en/the-mot/public/