• General Information


    The inaugural meeting of the Research Group of Cross-Border Cooperation, set up by the National University of Public Service (Hungary) and the Central European Service for Cross-Border Initiatives (CESCI), was held on 24 March 2022 to bring together civil society and academic spheres as well as combining theoretical research with practical experiences.

    The main mission of the Research Group is to cover the subject areas and sub-disciplines of contemporary border studies, from geopolitical, legal, governance, security policy issues through international, EU and Central European studies to political theory, critical-historical, geographical and sociological aspects.


    Péter Belcsák


    1083 Budapest, Ludovika tér 2., Hungary


  • Role of the institution regarding cross-border issues

    The research group aims to become an internationally recognised multidisciplinary regional centre of border studies. Its goal is to play a crucial role in gathering knowledge from all the different disciplines available in the Central European region and in applying this knowledge to the development of cross-border cooperation, development, governance and related policies, and vice versa. It uses the practical knowledge accumulated by law enforcement, border protection, local governments and civil society actors for scientific research purposes and it creates regular platforms for knowledge sharing activities through conferences and in publications. In line with its multidisciplinary approach, the research group does not have a thematic focus, but it addresses all areas related to border studies, seeking to apply the results in practice, as well as exploiting the potential and synergies inherent in the different methodologies, approaches and contents of disciplines.

  • References regarding cross-border issues


    • Faculty of Public Governance and International Studies: BA in International Public Management, MA in International Relations, MA in International Public Service Relations and BA and MA in International Security and Defence Policy.
    • Faculty of Law Enforcement: migration studies, border police training programmes and Schengen law enforcement.
    • Faculty of Military Science and Officer Training: border security.

    Research / Applied research

    Relevant topics include:

    • Cross-border governance, multi-level governance
    • Cross-border cooperation in the EU (EU studies)
    • Border security
    • Migration studies
    • Geopolitics


    • Panel at the conference organised for the 20th anniversary of the Hungarian Regional Science Association (MRTT)