• Interdisciplinary research on cross borders/territorial cooperation

    Piloted by Prof. Dr. Joachim Beck, The idea to this project was born out of the conclusions of the Research-Cycle IEP/Euro-Institut (Beck/Wassenberg 2009 – 2013), that a more structured inter-disciplinary research-approach to cross-border cooperation was needed.

    Cross-border cooperation (CBC) and European territorial cooperation (ETC) are the object of research of multiple but isolated disciplinary approaches. Thus, this project aims at producing a publication which exploits and applies different disciplinary theories/approaches to the object-field of CBC; stimulates and structures inter-disciplinary research on CBC through the  development of a joint analytical framing, and stimulates the  exchange between scientists and high-level practitioners in the context of the post 2020 design of ETC.

    Publication edited by Joachim Beck: « Transdisciplinary Discourses on Cross-Border Cooperation in Europe »