• MOOC on European Territorial Cooperation

    INTERREG, Neighbourhood Policy or Macro-regional strategies – learn more about European Territorial Cooperation with the brand-new MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) entirely dedicated to European Territorial Cooperation (ETC)!

    Whether you plan to work in the field of ETC or you would like to dive deeper into this topic – this MOOC is made for you!

    Commissioned by the European Commission, the University of Strasbourg, the University of Artois, the University of Thessaloniki, CESCI, the MOT, the Euro-Institute and the TEIN Network have developed this online course, which is divided into four chapters which will provide you with an exhaustive overview on territorial cooperation in Europe:

    • The first chapter will guide you through the foundations of territorial cooperation by questioning its origins, its evolution and its theoretical framework since its development after the end of the Second World War.
    • A second chapter will depict the existing European policies in the field of territorial cooperation: Interreg, Neighbourhood Policy, Macro-regional strategies, etc., with the goal of analysing decision-making procedures, their implementation, their geographical dimensions and their impact.
    • In the third one, a thematic approach is being proposed. For each of the 5 identified topics (health, spatial planning, environment, culture, mobility), you will be able discover how they have been tackled at the local level, to which cooperation needs they responded and how the different stakeholders intervened and interacted (multi-level-governance).
    • Finally, a fourth chapter will explain how territorial cooperation is concretely implemented by local stakeholders, which difficulties they encounter and which means and tools were activated in order to overcome them.

    Each course is composed of several sequences, which are complementary and contain several videos, thought-provoking learning material, case-studies and stakeholders’ interviews. Experts of ETC from all over Europe, including members of the Transfrontier Euro-Institut network (TEIN), have contributed by sharing their experiences, expertise and analyses.

    At the end of the curriculum, certifications will be issued to participants:

    • for attendance to 50% of the course (Statement of Participation).
    • for completion of at least 90% of the course (Certificate of Achievement).
    • for success of at least 60% of the tests (Certificate of Success).

    → The course “Interreg – European Territorial Cooperation” is available on EU Academy.

  • First speaker: Birte Wassenberg

    Are you interested in discovering the history of European Territorial Cooperation?

    The MOOCs project coordinator, Birte Wassenberg, will explain all this to you in the very 1st MOOC on ETC!


  • Second speaker: Gyula Ocskay

    How are mobility and health tackled under European Territorial Cooperation?

    The expert from CESCI, Gyula Ocskay, and his whole team will help you figure it all out in this MOOC on ETC!

  • Third speaker: Jean Peyrony

    What to expect from the 2021-27 programming period and what is a functional area within #Interreg ?

    Jean Peyrony, Director general of the MOT, will be glad to tell you more about it in this 1st MOOC on European Territorial Cooperation!

  • Fourth speaker: Anne Thevenet

    How to manage your project efficiently?

    Which are the availible tools to solve obstacles to #crossborder #cooperation?

    Anne Thevenet and her colleagues at the Euro-Institut will offer you some key takeaways as part of this brand new MOOC on ETC!

  • Fifth speaker: Bernard Reitel

    What are the connections between EU regional policy and the European Territorial Cooperation?

    Bernard Reitel, Professor at the Artois University, will tell you more about it in our MOOC!

  • Sixth speaker: Frédérique Berrod

    How is multi-level governance addressed by European Territorial Cooperation?

    Frédérique Berrod, Professor at SciencesPo Strasbourg will provide you with an overview on this topic in our Interreg MOOC !