• General information


    The Euro-Institut is a non-profit organization specialized in basic/further training and consulting on CBC. Based in Kehl (Germany), its mission is to facilitate CBC in the Franco-German-Swiss Upper Rhine region. The Euro-Institut’s activities include training, counseling, support, research and networking. While addressed primarily to French, German and Swiss public officials, they may also be of wider interest to all stakeholders involved in CBC. From the institutional point of view, it is financed by German partners (Federal State of Baden-Württemberg, cities of Kehl, Achern, Lahr, Oberkirch, Freiburg and Offenburg, Ortenau District) as well as French partners (French State, Region Grand Est, Departement of the Lower Rhine, City of Strasbourg).

    Legal form

    Local Cross-border Cooperation grouping as defined by the Karlsruhe agreement


    Anne Thevenet, deputy director


    Rehfusplatz 11, D – 77694 Kehl



    Would you like to find out more about the work of the Euro-Institut? To mark its thirtieth anniversary, the Euro-Institut team took to the cameras to produce this presentation film.

  • Role of the institution regarding cross-border issues

    As a neutral platform, the Euro-Institut helps to develop cross-border response despite differences between legal and administrative systems, cultural backgrounds, etc. It develops specific tools and methods and thus contributes to building capacities on a CB-level. Its teams performs short training courses, coaches cross-border project teams and organizes study visits or civil servant exchanges.

    The trainings are specifically adapted to intercultural and CB-challenges such as: bilingual animation, simultaneous translation, etc.

    The Euro-Institut also supports project teams, either by carrying out studies or by personalised medium- or long-term accompanying measures.

    Moreover, the Euro-Institut also acts as a project leader at the request of stakeholders of the Upper Rhine region. It hosts two INTERREG V A projects, one in the field of scientific coordination and the other in health.

    The Euro-Institut is active in numerous networks and supports all types of cross-border actors – administrations, NGOs or companies. The expertise and know-how acquired in the Upper Rhine area allows it to work on transferable concepts which can be used in other European border regions.

  • References regarding cross-border issues


    The Euro-Institut offers practice-oriented trainings on all cross-border issues, in the form of workshops, study trips, language courses etc. Some example include:

    • Training regarding the politico-administrative structures in Germany, France and Switzerland
    • Training regarding the management of cross-border projects & intercultural skills
    • Thematic training course, such as “Health and security of workers in France and Germany”, since 1994

    Consulting / Studies

    With the intensification and professionalisation of cross-border cooperation, the need for external advice and technical expertise is also growing. For this reason, the Euro-Institut offers, in addition to its training and project support activities, the preparation of professional expertise on cross-border issues.

    • Study « The organisation of cultural policies in the 4 neighbouring countries of the Grand Est Region », Région Grand Est, 2018
    • « Added value of European programmes in the Grand Est Region » in the framework of a pilot project « Europ’Act », 2019 (in progress).
    • Realization of a diagnosis on cross-border cooperation in the field of health at the borders of the Grand Est Region, for the regional health agency, 2017.


    • Safety and health at work, New challenges for prevention, 21 November 2019, European Parliament, Strasbourg
    • Europe, states, regions: Better communication on cross-border challenges between different levels, 14 May 2019, European Parliament, Strasbourg
    • Digitisation in public administration in Germany and France – potentials and perspectives, 7 December 2017, Kehl


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