• PAT-TEIN - Professionalizing Actors of Transfrontier Cooperation

    After the Leonardo Partnership Meetings (2010-2012), the partners expressed their commitment through a “LEONARDO Transfer of Innovation” project: the PAT-TEIN (Professionalizing Actors of Transfrontier Cooperation – Transfrontier Euro-Institut Network) project.

    The project has made it possible to transfer two tools to four pilot borders (Austria-Slovenia-Italy, France-Spain, Ireland-Northern Ireland and Poland-Czech Republic). Those tools have proved their worth in the Upper Rhine Region.

    It was an educational kit for the training of cross-border project leaders and an intercultural guide on facilitating cross-border meetings. The transfer was carried out in different stages: familiarisation of the partners with its tools, development of a border-by-border adaptation process respecting cooperation cultures but also pedagogical cultures, testing with audiences from the world of education and training, testing with actors in cross-border cooperation.

    The results of this project were presented to the European Parliament as part of the Europe Cooperation Day (September 2014).