• TEIN Resolution on Ukraine

    Since February 24, we have been witnessing in Ukraine the largest war in Europe in terms of resources mobilised since the Second World War, taking us back to the darkest times the European continent has ever experienced.

    Faced with this worrying situation on the doorstep of the European Union, TEIN would like to express its sorrow and its compassion for the civilian population whose lives have suddenly been turned upside down by horror. Our thoughts are with the families of the victims, whether soldiers or civilians, whatever their country of origin. With all the people forced to take refuge in neighbouring countries and elsewhere, fearing for their lives. With all the people forced to take shelter in basements, in the subways of Kiev and other Ukrainian cities. With the citizens imprisoned in their countries for expressing their opposition to the war. Finally, we think of our colleagues at Kharkiv University, with whom we have been in contact in the past.

    We, members of TEIN, whose very purpose is to build bridges between neighbouring countries, wish more than ever to express our commitment to peace and democracy. In a current context marked by the presence of misinformation, which causes division between peoples and within societies, we wish to reaffirm the values that guide our professional commitment on a daily basis: openness to others, freedom of expression, intercultural dialogue and consultation, respect for others, tolerance of differences of opinion and the refusal of nationalist withdrawal.

    We invite you to make a gesture to support civilians affected by the war in Ukraine:

    To download the resolution: TEIN Resolution on Ukraine