• Cross-border cooperation in healthcare

    What was the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cohesion policy in cross-border health cooperation? How did the EU respond to the pandemic? The European Parliament, the REGI Research Committee of the European Commission and the Université Louvain (Belgium) have published the study “Cross-border cooperation in healthcare”, which is based on an analysis of the INTERREG programmes of the last three funding periods. This analysis is completed by a detailed evaluation of 135 INTERREG projects related to cross-border cooperation in healthcare. The aim of the study was to analyse the role of Cohesion Policy in cross-border cooperation in health and to shed light on the issue of governance and existing obstacles. The study focuses on the Covid 19 crisis and its impact.

    In addition, the study identifies possible solutions and formulates recommendations to facilitate patient mobility as well as the mobility of health professionals, and to develop cooperation in the health sector.

    The study is based, among other things, on five studies carried out by five partners of the Transfrontier Euro-Institute Network (TEIN) for the purposes of this study.

    Click here to access the results of the study.