• 5th Event: Borders & the Future of Europe

    Mobility, environment, culture, identity & multilingualism – borderless in Europe?

    Online Forum from the Franco-German border in Strasbourg-Kehl

    What kind of borders  citizens of cross-border regions want for the future Europe? At the European level, current discussions evolve around different border regimes, EU border policies, cross-border cooperation as the driver of European integration and social as well as economic considerations of open or closed borders. At the local level, there are questions about the role of borders in citizens’ daily life, cultural borders and potentials but also challenges of cross-border cooperation.

    To find an answers to the questions mentioned above, the conclusive event of the TEIN4Citizens project will discuss four different topics relevant for the daily life of citizens living in cross-border areas in different online workshops.

    These workshops will take place in German and French language from 12.04. to 16.04., more information can be found here.

    Some of the workshops will also be translated in English language:

    • Workshop on identity & multilingualism 1: 13.04.2021, 10 to 12 am ➡️ Programme
    • Workshop on identity and multilingualism 2: 13.04.2021, 5 to 7 pm ➡️ Programme
    • Workshop on culture 2: 14.04.2021, 5 to 7 pm ➡️ Programme

    Finally, the closing ceremony will be held as a round table also in an online form in Strasbourg/Kehl at the Franco-German border. This panel discussion which takes place on 22.04. (3-5pm), offers the opportunity to discuss the work done in the workshops and the issues raised there with representatives from the European Parliament and Commission as well as local/regional politicians and citizen representatives. Questions from citizens will also be answered.

    The round table will be translated in English language, to register please use this link.

    • Round table: 22.04.2021, 3 to 5 pm ➡️ Programme

    For any questions concerning the event or the registration form, please contact dittmaier@euroinstitut.org