• Ideas for the Future of Europe

    The TEIN4Citizens project invites citizens in border regions and all over Europe to express their opinion on current EU policy issues.

    Take part and answer our surveys, every vote counts for the future of your region and the
    European Union!

    As part of the TEIN4Citizens project, 5 forums were held from March 2019 to April 2021 at 5 different
    European borders to discuss with experts and politicians, as well as representatives of civil society, current and forward-looking issues that affect citizens at the respective border in a special way.
    Based on the ideas and suggestions developed during these events, 5 surveys have been developed
    to give all European citizens the opportunity to express their views on these issues, which not only affect the border regions, but often also Europe beyond.
    So take advantage of this unique opportunity to share your opinion with us!
    All surveys are available in the 8 project languages, English, German, French, Spanish, Catalan,
    Slovenian, Polish and Czech.

    Below you will find the topics and links to the individual surveys:

    Survey 1: What does it mean to be an EU citizen? Human rights, citizenship, entitlements and


    Survey 2: Old and New Minorities – The Relevance of Identities for Border Regions in the European
    Union Today


    Survey 3: Cross-border identity and a look at civil society engagement in twin cities – Civil society
    participation in cross-border cooperation


    Survey 4: Multilingualism and Identity in the 21st Century Europe


    Survey 5: What kind of borders do you want for the future of Europe? Mobility, environment,
    culture, identity & multilingualism – borderless in Europe?


    Thanks a lot to all participants! The answers to the surveys will be summarized and submitted to
    representatives of the European Parliament and the European Commission as part of the project final
    For more information on the TEIN4Citizens project and a review of the forums, click here

    Contact: hofmann@euroinstitut.org

    Follow us on Twitter: @TEIN4Citizens