• (Re-)Bordering Europe? Views and Voices of Citizens and Non-Citizens

    From 15 March to 8 April, the project (Re-)Bordering Europe?: Views and Voices of Citizens and Non-Citizens; a digital story-telling project took place under the direction of Eithne Knappitsch, Carinthia University of Applied Sciences and thus a TEIN member, as well as Svetlana Buko and SIETAR Austria as part of the TEIN4Citizens project, bringing together 54 students from over 10 different countries in Europe and beyond. 

    We are very happy that this enriching project which enabled young people to learn about 5 EU borders, intercultural teamwork and innovative digital tools could take place in the framework of the TEIN4Citizens project.

    To learn more about (Re-)Bordering Europe?, click here.

    A video summing up the project’s content is available here.