• Critical Dictionary on Borders and European Integration

    After the success of the book realised for the DG Regio and published in 2015 for the 25years of INTERREG, Birte Wassenberg and Bernard Reitel decided to pursue the cooperation with the Euro-Institut and the MOT (Mission Opérationelle Transfrontalière) for the realisation of a very ambitious project: the Critical Dictionary on Borders and European Integration.

    On the European Weeks of Regions and Cities 2020, this work has now been published. Under the title of “The Critical Dictionary on Borders, Cross-Border Cooperation and European Integration”, this publication contains . Beyond the role of

    Very diverse, but without trying to be exhaustive, the entries can describe actors of cross border cooperation, concepts related to CBC (such as “Border” or “Multi-level Governance”…), European policies & programs, legal tools or frameworks, cross border cooperation areas etc. Beyond this open thematic landscape, the dictionary also covers a wide range of approaches, with contributions of researchers from numerous disciplines (History, Geography, Law, Political Science, Sociology, Economy etc.) but also practitioners of cross border cooperation. The two substantive parts are divided into a conceptual part, which deals more with terminologies and actors, and a geographical part, which describes spaces of cross-border cooperation. Bibliographical references enable readers to delve deeper into the respective topic.

    If you want to learn more about the book, we invite you to watch the following videos with explanations on the content and the authors. The dictionary has also been awarded as the “publication of the month” of Sciences Po Strasbourg.

    The book has been published by Peter Lang (Brussels).

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