• Online-conference: European Memory from a Franco-German Perspective : a Memory of War or a Memory of Peace?

    What can the politics of memory mean in contemporary Europe? What does collective memory mean, especially collective memory, in relation to the emergence of a culture of memory? These questions are at the heart of this of this webinar. A first round table will address these issues in the form of an interview and explore the complex between memory, identity, history and politics in Europe. A second round table will focus on the memory and the trinational Upper Rhine area, based on a study that combines the complementary points of view of a historian and a sociologist: Memory of Europe – Memory of Peace.

    Ulrich Bohner (Maison de l’Europe Strasbourg-Alsace)
    Philippe Hamman (University of Strasbourg)
    Sylvain Schirmann (Sciences Po Strasbourg)
    Birte Wassenberg (Sciences Po Strasbourg)

    Oliver Schmidtke (University of Victoria)
    Francesca Tortorella (Sciences Po Strasbourg)

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