• Bilateral cooperation project between the Universities of Maastricht and Potsdam

    In 2023, TEIN members Martin Unfried (Maastricht University) and Dr. Peter Ulrich (University of Potsdam & associate member of Viadrina Centre B/ORDERS IN MOTION) worked together in a bilateral cooperation project « Local organisation and knowledge transfer in Germany and the Netherlands » funded by the KoUp programme of the University of Potsdam.

    Peter Ulrich completed a two-week job shadowing at ITEM in May 2023 and Martin Unfried took part in a workshop on « Horizontal integration and cross-border information and contact points » in September at the University of Potsdam. The planned outcome is a joint publication in the form of an article on border focal and information points and a long-term comparison between the German-Dutch-Belgian border and the German-Polish border on this specific subject.