• Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence - Webinar

    In the aftermath of an election that is likely to enshrine Joe Biden’s victory, comments have been made about the divided state of American society. The elected president will have to demonstrate his ability to bring people together and address the fractures that seem to be undermining the United States. From a European perspective, the outcome of the election is viewed rather favourably. European political, business and media elites stress Biden’s commitment to multilateralism, NATO and cooperation with European organisations. Some even speak of a revival of transnational relations.
    To foster understanding of the stakes of the American election, the Franco-German Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence is organising a webinar on 1 December 2020.

    The discussion will revolve around three points. What is the state of American society as a result of the November elections? How does Europe analyse this election? Aren’t its elites rejoicing too soon in the hope of a resumption of a quality transatlantic dialogue?

    Discussion with Mélanie Meunier, professor of American studies at Sciences Po Strasbourg, Jeffrey Hawkins, former American ambassador and Dr. Hans-Dieter Heumann, former German ambassador.

    The webinar is held in French language only.

    Date: Tuesday 1st december – 18:00 to 19:30

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